The requirements for allowing your cat(s) to live
their healthiest, longest life possible is simple.

don't feed dry food or treats; feed wet.

exclude plant matter (grains, veggies, gums, fruits)
from their diet.

Don't use clay litter, use paper/pine/pellets.

THOROUGHLY Research any and every
product before using it on your cat. Including food, and don't just ask around or google it.

Keep your cats indoors unless using harness and leash.

Cats are routine based obligate carnivores built only to hunt
catch kill and eat. Meaning, you must replicate that into
your cats routine daily. AKA, play with your cat daily, consistently.
PS: Don't spray your cat or punish it - felines don't learn that way; you're just being abusive and controlling.

That's it, literally. That's all.
"Okay, WHY? Give me facts."
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